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Year 9 English – Speaking practice

November 26, 2018

This week at Assumption College English Program, the Year 9 students have been practicing their speaking and listening skills with Mr. Dan Cracknell. Each student is asked a series of opening questions on a particular topic, and is then asked to talk about that topic in more detail. After that, a free flowing and interesting conversation ensues. Each year 9 student will practice their one on one conversational skills with Mr. Dan, and this will form part of their overall speaking grade for Term 2.

Danny Cracknell – P_20181123_083015
Danny Cracknell – P_20181123_083647
Danny Cracknell – P_20181123_084412
Danny Cracknell – P_20181123_084445
Danny Cracknell – P_20181123_084447
Danny Cracknell – P_20181123_084505
Danny Cracknell – P_20181123_084518
Danny Cracknell – P_20181123_084523
Danny Cracknell – P_20181123_085649


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