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Light project

November 30, 2018

The year 5 science students have been working on various projects based on light. The project was assigned as a science “menu” that provided them with various mini projects that they could do in order to show their understanding of the work that we covered in this unit. The project was aimed at allowing students to use technology to express their understanding in a creative way.

Text by Mr.?Cameron

Cameron  Thomson – 1FB45588-85FD-4A2E-A78B-6703B51FDA90
Cameron  Thomson – 5B07D521-6BEF-4662-BCF7-791754585561
Cameron  Thomson – 8792E650-BEDA-4AF3-91FE-CF8D66EDB538
Cameron  Thomson – 43352E1E-5BDA-4A0D-A878-687937A3D61D
Cameron  Thomson – D3714D61-6439-41C7-A2C2-D64DD5B29A14
Cameron  Thomson – DC942E5C-E9AE-4D4C-A8F4-75F62863BA6F
Cameron  Thomson – F06B6D69-2C38-453E-8499-052B681C3BF1
Cameron  Thomson – F447D381-5EEC-47DA-A91F-13FFD16CCA9E
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